About Kebler & Parshall Consulting

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Kebler and Parshall's expertise focus primarily on technical issues around PeopleSoft systems.  More specifically, we focus on PeopleSoft upgrades.  Implementation and product installation go along with the territory making that a logical area of coverage for us as well.  There is nothing better than having an upgrader involved in your installation.  We can see the problems before they happen if we are a part of your installation.

PeopleSoft Upgrade
The biggest challenge a company that uses PeopleSoft will face is their first upgrade.   This is logically true since any "first" is always a learning experience.   Many people believe that an upgrade is a simple matter of "installing software" and "running scripts".  In principle, this is true... but only if you have never made modifications to your PeopleSoft system, and sometimes not even then.  A PeopleSoft upgrade can be very simple for some clients; however, the level of difficulty compounds with each customization a client implements.  Do not be fooled into thinking your system can be upgraded in a matter of a few weeks.  It might be possible but seek a second opinion.  Customizations do not make the upgrade impossible, but they do allow more room for error.   This is were KPCI comes in.  We have made it our job to simplify the upgrade process for our clients.  This does not mean we have a secret method...  This means that we have completed the upgrade tasks many times and know exactly what is required of each step.  This gives us the inside edge when it comes to fitting PeopleSoft's upgrade path your your production system.
PeopleSoft Installation
As an upgrader, you are given the task of installing new version's of the software as they are released.  Few are more experienced at installations than an upgrade expert, as they have installed nearly every version of the software since they began upgrading.  The more upgrade, the more product installs.  This makes Kebler and Parshall a logical choice for your product installation.  If you are not sure where to begin, or would like assistance in getting your team up and running, contact us today for assistance.  We will work with you to ensure you have all the tools required for your configuration installed properly.  There are several benefits to having an upgrade specialist on your installation and implementation team.  We will provide the technical expertise needed to maximize your return on investment. 
System Analysis
If you are wondering what the feasibility of completing a task in house is, we can help you.   If your wondering what impact a project may have on a long term basis, we can help you.  If you have questions, we have answers.  We can provide an analysis on the state of your system.  If your negotiating a large implementation or upgrade, we can keep your best interests in check by providing a "second opinion".  Perhaps you would like a rough "Level of Effort" for your next upgrade.  We can help.  Contact us today.