Welcome To Kebler & Parshall

Welcome to Kebler and Parshall Consulting Inc.  Kebler and Parshall provide expert consulting services for your PeopleSoft system.  If your company is planning an upgrade, or currently upgrading and in need of assistance, please inquire about how KPCI's services can assist you.  KPCI has successfully completed several full application upgrades for extremely large and complex installations.  

Our Mission

It is the goal of Kebler and Parshall to provide our customers with a level of service that far exceeds their expectations, and deliver a seamless upgrade or implementation to their desired release of PeopleSoft.

Why Kebler & Parshall

Kebler and Parshall make your PeopleSoft upgrade easier and cost effective by bringing the experiences of many upgrades to your organization.  We have seen many of the hidden surprises that often cost companies thousands of dollars and weeks of work.  By choosing Kebler and Parshall you're putting your PeopleSoft upgrade in the hands of professionals and avoiding needless mistakes that delay delivery.

Here at KPCI our existing customer base are organizations that continue to contact us with each pending PeopleSoft upgrade or technical challenge.  This  demonstrates the level of competence we bring to our customers.   We invite you to join that growing group.  For information please call or email us.  We would love to discuss your current situation as well as future challenges which we may be able to help you with.

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